Corporate Philosophy

We make our contribution to the wellbeing of the world by developing, producing and selling our medical products for the benefit of patients, doctors and dental technicians. We promote our quality standards in our name and in our brand.

elaboro = "elaborate carefully"


Corporate Creed

Passion, tenacity and persistent effort go hand in hand with the demand for down-to-earthness, economy, innovation and customer benefit.

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Scientific analysis and ambitious research and development work, which is geared to customer requirements and market requirements, helps us to identify the causes of problems and leads to the right solutions.

Management Policy

Guarantee future profits through law-abiding and creative technologies and customer proximity. We work in a future-oriented manner by relying on proven technologies and a strong R&D basis when developing new technologies, developing new products and opening new markets.

Business Policy

The best quality in the world, for the world. We strive to be the global number one in each of the required properties of the individual products and aim for the highest possible quality. By spreading these quality products worldwide, we want to create benefits for everyone involved. With the “ear to the customer” we continuously optimize our processes, whereby the avoidance of errors has priority over the discovery and correction. All processes are checked regularly and evaluated with regard to the goal of "zero errors".

Corporate Culture

Passionate and committed work, ambition and hard work are exemplified by the company management. We believe that this corporate culture is the source of our success. We expect all employees to tackle challenges with passion and commitment, we value openness, honesty and modesty, act responsibly and use our skills to shape our own quality standards in line with our customers' wishes and expectations.
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