elaboro® Milling Center

Materials and Indications

Elaboro® Biomaterials meet the highest requirements of environmental dentistry and combine maximum biocompatibility with the highest esthetics, functionality and durability.

We only deliver materials that have been certified for processing into medical devices.

Fixed Dentures

Ceramic dental prostheses made of zirconia are manufactured at elaboro® from various material variants, which represent the entire range of fixed dental prostheses. We mill with the latest industrial technology.

We also offer to refine the zirconia restorations with our worldwide patented lithium silicate diffusion ceramic.

Other certified elaboro® milling materials for prefabricated products are:
Pure Titanium, PMMA, Polycarbonate, PEEK and Composites .

Implant Abutments

We mill individual implant abutments based on your CAD data made of
•   Titanium ,
•   Zirconia ,
•   PEEK.
Alternatively, these can also be digitally designed by our elaboro® specialists according to your wishes.

Splint Technology

We mill therapeutic splints based on your digital data from
•   PMMA and
•   Flexible Polycarbonate.
As an alternative to milling, these can also be printed from
•   Photoreactive Plastics.

PEEK Products for Removable Dentures

We manufacture prefabricates for total prosthetics or removable dentures based on their digital CAD data from PEEK.

Elaboro® total prostheses made of PEEK are allergy-free, tasteless, extremely durable and impress with their lightness, delicate detail design and partial flexibility.

For the combination technology, we manufacture telescopic or cone crowns made of zirconia or pure titanium. These supplies are highly resilient, do not break, are durable and provide the best possible biocompatibility.

PEEK supplies are resistant to discoloration, do not wear out and are easily adjustable in the case of retaining elements or double crowns.

Best functionality is paired with the best possible aesthetics, durability and comfort.

Your Advantages

Certified MD

Monitored and documented quality in development, production, market monitoring and traceability.

Top Quality

The wishes of our customers shape the requirements for the constant improvement of our products and services.

Fair Prices

As a B2B provider of dentures made in Germany, price and performance are based on customer benefit.
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